A major part of medical office life is working with drug representatives. Many have their usual routes and show up monthly or quarterly to inform your staff of new medical advancements. They tend to bring samples, spend the lunch hour discussing the company’s new products, and leave pamphlets to share with patients. Instead of dismissing pharmaceutical representatives pitches, take some time every once in a while to respectfully hear them out.

Many representatives tend to interrupt a busy workday, but they are simply doing their job just as you are doing yours. Communicating with reps about the best time to talk and giving them an opportunity to share the latest in pharmaceuticals is essential to getting the information your patients may need. Furthermore, many reps leave samples and in some situations, a sample is the only way a patient might get a life-altering medication.

Talk with your office staff about what to do when a pharmaceutical representative enters the office. Should they consult you, comply with a policy you’ve set forward, schedule time to talk, or ask the rep to leave more information? This is important in making sure you get the most out of your rep experience as well as making sure your rep is getting the most from your clinic.

With patients to be seen, phones ringing, rooms to clean, and much more, drug reps are likely at the back of your mind. But yours is a symbiotic relationship and it’s important to take the time when you can to sit down with your pharm representatives and get the latest information to be even more ready to serve your patients.