The best radiology departments concern themselves with one thing and one thing only: radiology. (And how it can help their patients!) When people think of radiologists, they picture a handsomely dressed technician at the controls of a complicated piece of machinery– an x-ray or some other machine which deals in the art of radiology. If they were to learn that the attention which should be spent ensuring their quality healthcare is diverted toward billing matters, that could become a point of major concern. People respect a clinic which specializes in the practice of making people well. It’s what they do, what they’re known for. The best radiology clinics use a medical billing service to take off the time and mental space their technicians need for radiological matters.

Radiology, like any field of work, requires complete focus in order to do as well as it can. A mind divided can only do so much, after all. Due to the complicated nature of your work as a radiologist, you’ll need all the attention you can spare funneled toward making sure your patients are well. You simply can’t afford to waste precious brain power haggling with insurance companies or researching medical billing codes (which can get quite complicated themselves). The end of your work day should be spent dealing with what your job profession is known for, making sure your patients are taken care of. You owe it to them and to yourself to not have to spend time delineating tasks to an unprofessionally trained clerk or to do it on your own.

If a patient’s medical billing isn’t handled and processed correctly, it could mean serious consequences for your clinic. New equipment, maintenance fees, the employee payroll– all are made possible by a reliable influx of money. If a payment is stopped or otherwise delayed, that delays the entire inner workings of your radiology clinic. They say money makes the world go ‘round; well, it’s certainly true for making sure your radiology clinic functions best year ‘round.