Medical billing is no easy task; you don’t need to be told that. Between specialty specific CPT coding, denial management, monthly patient statements, and even account follow-ups and appeals, there is a lot to do. If your office is like many medical centers around the country, you’re trying to have someone do it that doesn’t have the time or background to really focus on it. This is not a good idea! Medical billing must be done by someone or a group of people in a department who handle only medical billing. Here are just a few of the reasons why:


It’s too important to mess up. Medical billing needs to be absolutely correct, for everyone’s sake. A simple mistake could wind up costing your office a lot of money, or leading to an insurance denial for your patient when it should have been covered. Don’t take these risks!


It’s time-consuming. Is there anyone in your medical office that has some extra time on their hands every day? Doubtful! Medical billing is extremely time-consuming and if you want to get it done right, which you do, it’s understandable that no one actually has the time to dedicate to it.


It’s not like any other task in the office. Would you want your car salesman to also put the tires on? Would you want your painter to fix the tiles on the roof as well? No and no. So, why would you have someone attempt to do the medical billing if they’re doing a totally different task regularly? Medical billing is a very unique and complex task, so it should only be handled by someone who is dedicated to it.


At this point, you may be saying “ Okay, you’re right- but I still don’t have the personnel!” That’s actually not a problem at all. You can outsource your medical billing department so that it is still done by professionals who are totally focused on the task at hand, but aren’t physically in your office. It has all of the benefits, without any of the potential problems!


The only thing left to do now is to reach out to Aptus Associates, LLC. We can be contacted via telephone at 1 888-760-2455, or simply fill out an online form through our website and someone will contact you back shortly. In no time at all, you will have an experienced professional handling all of your medical billing tasks.