Life is full of uncertainties. This unfortunate truth is an uncomfortable one for many people, who understandably want a better idea with what’s going on with their bodies. What you don’t know can hurt you, after all. Many people have reported lasting pains that, far from being the result of a simple bruse, turned out to be a broken or fractured bone instead. The very preventable complications that have arisen from such untreated damage can turn much nastier than their initial break or fracture. In some cases, the damage exacerbates to the point where entire limbs are crippled by the depth of the injury.

This situation is particularly dire for people who play sports. Seeing the doctor can be an unwelcome experience for many people, and people who play sports– especially for those who play on a team– feel as though denial is easier than addressing the growing pains associated with a part of the body. It’s not easy admitting something could be wrong. It takes courage and wisdom to acknowledge that it’s far better to risk inconveniencing yourself or your team in the short run and getting proper treatment than letting your wound progress to the point where it becomes debilitating. Your being crippled helps no-one, and can have severe, lasting effects for your entire life. The much safer, better alternative is to see a radiologist for aching pains, who can verify whether or not it’s a break or fracture.

Seeing a radiologist can be helpful even when you don’t have a sneaking suspicion that something could be very, very wrong. Knowledge is power– don’t let yourself be caught unawares by illness. Radiology is capable of detecting more than just trauma dealt to the skeletal system. Radiologists can detect the presence of arthritis, pneumonia, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and more. Bone tumors are another thing radiology can catch ahead of time. When it comes to the potential of such diagnoses, can you really risk not making a trip to the radiologist as part of your routine health care plan?

A trip to the radiologist even as infrequently as twice a year could have life-saving benefits. Malign affects of the body are much more easily treated when caught early. Even deadly cancer can be treated effectively if it’s caught in the early stages. Life is fragile, but precious. Even if you don’t feel like something is definitively wrong with your body, preventative measures can make the difference between catching a life-threatening disease in time or too late. Radiologists can help you understand more about your body and give you the peace of mind you deserve, or the help you need.