Healthcare in the city is the same as in the country, right? Well, not really. You see, doctors in rural health clinics face a lot of hurdles that their city counterparts don’t. And while it is important to have health insurance in the city, it’s even more so for those in rural areas.

Obstacles Faced By Healthcare Providers And Their Patients

  • Healthcare in cities tends to be more available. For one, there are more people to serve. The more people, the bigger the funding, both from the patients and from local and federal governments.
  • Doctor’s offices and hospitals in cities are more advanced. Because of the greater funding, cities offer more technological advances – in treatments, equipment, and information.
  • City residents have higher rates of insurance coverage by their employers than rural folks. In cities, there are more businesses, which means more competition. Therefore, employers may offer more benefits to workers, including insurance and prescription packages.
  • Rural doctors have more of a caseload since there are fewer healthcare workers in the countryside.

Health Insurance

If you think you are unable to afford health insurance, you may wish to visit the Affordable Health Care Act, as it relates to rural America.

Signing up for health insurance relieves a lot of financial headaches. Getting covered allows you more freedom to choose what is right for your situation. Learn about coverage for those living in rural areas and what doctors around you accept as valid insurance.

Without health insurance, you may be unable to afford the care you need for regular visits or emergency care. You don’t want to sit in pain and suffer after an accident, knowing you can’t afford care.

Additionally, always eat a balanced diet, with fresh vegetables and fruits, preferably organically grown. Exercise daily; walking is an excellent non-impact method. And drink eight cups of water, which helps retain overall good health. Healthy eating and an exercise routine subsequently prevent you from getting sick as often and needing your health insurance. We all know accidents happen and you should have insurance as a backup but to prevent yourself from paying those co-pays at the doctor’s office, work on keeping your health in tip top shape.