Medical Billing is the process of getting a provider paid for their services. This is payment from the insurance carrier and the patient for uncovered or deductible charges. A good medical billing specialist knows how to get their provider paid promptly for the services they perform. What the billing specialist does is not easily automated. Much of their task is interpreting physician notes and records, verifying and correcting patient and insurance information, verifying correct coding, etc.

It is pulling all this critical information together, insuring it is accurate, and assembling it into a claim. That is just getting the claim filed! It still must go through the insurance payer adjudication process.

Once a claim is processed and paid, applying payments has several other challenges that are not easily automated. Billing specialists frequently must interpret payer coding error messages and correct them or submit additional documentation to get a claim successfully processed and create and maintain patient account ledgers. Aptus Associates works closely with radiologist and staff to ensure the doctor is paid promptly and accurately while removing the stress, headache, and ever-changing world of medical billing.

Below are some of the ways Aptus Associates can help your radiology practice:

  • Determine patient responsibility based on their health insurance plan.
  • Look-up medical diagnosis and treatment codes.
  • Enter information from patient registration forms and bills into the practice management software.
  • Understand managed care authorization and coverage limits. Communicate with insurance payers to resolve rejected or denied claims.
  • Submit claims to clearinghouse or insurance payer.
  • Send patient statements and answer questions about their bill.
  • Run reports on outstanding claims and patient accounts.
  • Coordinate delinquent patient accounts with a collection agency.
  • Enter insurance and patient payments into the practice management ledger.

Contact Aptus Associates today to see how we can help your radiology practice focus on patient care while we take care of increasing your billing efficiency and revenue.