Having access to a radiology clinic is a wonderful asset to anyone hoping to keep as healthy as possible. But what is radiology, exactly? A lot of people can be turned away from radiology because they don’t know what it is and how it can help them and so they assume that they have nothing to benefit from a radiology clinic. Others may even have been fed misinformation, like how radiological X-rays cause cancer. But nothing could be further from the truth! Screening for dangerous conditions such as breast cancer through the use of mammograms can help catch it early– potentially saving the life of the afflicted person.


But that’s not all radiology has to offer. Radiology is immensely helpful in preventative care and can even eliminate the need for explorative or invasive surgeries. Having an inside eye on your body can give doctors the knowledge needed to make the best, most informed decision for what’s best for you.


In addition to helping catch cancer, it can help cure cancer as well. Radiation oncology, also known as radiation therapy, has been an effective treatment for certain diseases of the nervous system, too. Radiation therapy can quite literally be a life saver.


Of course, everyone knows that X-ray scans can be used to identify broken bones and fractures. Radiology clinics are an essential part of keeping people— especially rowdy children— healthy. Imagine where we would be in a world where we couldn’t test for fractures or be able to treat them as efficiently! Radiology clinics provide answers and peace of mind for people suffering from pains they suspect might be caused by bone damage.


Radiology clinics deal with everything from saving lives, to improving them, to assisting and celebrating the creation of new life. For parents wishing to see a picture of their baby as it develops in the womb, they have access to ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound imaging is a safe and non-invasive form of radio pictography, used to scan a pregnant woman’s stomach and record the results as a computer image, which can be printed or shared digitally.


It’s amazing that we have all these wonderful services available to us. But such incredible services don’t grow on trees. Clinics have to order and maintain the expensive equipment they use to keep people well. A delay or misunderstanding concerning payments can spell grave trouble for the success of such businesses. Fortunately, Aptus Medical Billing provides quality medical billing for radiology clinics so that they can keep their people and facilities funded quickly and correctly.