As medical professionals, you know a lot of things about the medical world. You can probably recite your medical dictionary like a pledge and can diagnose a patient in no time flat. But when it comes to billing, quite honestly, there’s probably many things you don’t know and that’s okay. We’re here to know all the ins and outs and do the hard part for you but just in case you’re curious about the logistics, we medical billers have got a few things to let you in on.

We are certified.

It might seem obvious that to perform such a meticulous task, you need plenty of training but many don’t think of it like. Several technical colleges have the courses you’ll need or you can start with an associate’s degree and by passing the certification exam after going through the books alone. Becoming certified in medical billing isn’t a lengthy process but it is an involved one as you’ll see with our next points.

There are many different types of codes.

Billing is a complex occupation but add in hundreds of thousands of medical codes, and things can get confusing. There are codes for diagnoses, visits, medicines, hospitals, and more. Keeping track of them all is literally our job description, though. As codes and medical jargon changes, so does our knowledge, making medical billing a profession that has to keep up with the advances. A medical biller continues to learn and study as he or she continues to work.

And if you don’t get those codes just right, claims will be denied.

Becuase of the vastness of coding, there’s likely to be some mix-ups. Claims get denied all too often for simple mistakes in names, addresses, and codes. When a claim is denied, it’s like we’re moving backward rather than forwards and revisiting an old claim takes time away from new ones. Making sure claims are as precise and accurate as can be is a major task.

We use specialized software.

We can only do our jobs if we have the right tools. Oftentimes, we’re connected to the software of doctor offices like yours to streamline the coding and billing process. We have access to insurance policies, medical codes, and patient information in one convenient place and can access it remotely, allowing us to have our own workspace, saving doctors space, time, and money in the long run.

If you want to see how the medical billers at Aptus Associates, L.L.C can help you with your billing needs, contact us today and let us take care of what we know.