Summertime is perfect for getting outside, having some fun, and being with loved ones. Unfortunately, it is often the time we see trips to a rural healthcare clinic spike. Being outside means getting injured or sick for a lot of people. Doctors who work in these clinics report this time of the year being the most common time of the year to see:


#1 Anything with children. When the kids are out of school, injuries are increasingly common. Any time they are outdoors, there is a higher risk of falling, bumping their heads, breaking a bones, knocking out a tooth, and more. It’s part of childhood, but a part that requires a doctor’s visit nonetheless. Of course, many moms also schedule their child’s needed physical or immunizations in the summer so they won’t miss any time in school.


#2 Heat-related injuries. In the summer, the head index soars and this year is no different. Senior citizens and young children in particular often have a tough time dealing with the heat. Those drinking alcohol outside can suffer as well. If someone passes out or has trouble breathing, a trip to the rural healthcare clinic is in their future.


#3 Fireworks accidents. Of course, summer means The Fourth of July. And what does The Fourth of July mean? A lot of drinking and a lot of fireworks! It is no surprise that trips to the clinic spike for these type of injuries in the week following this holiday. If an injury is too severe, it may mean a trip to the ER afterwards.


#4 Bug bites. It’s a shame to spend the summer months indoors. However, spending time outdoors can mean a bite or two from a not-so-friendly pest. While a couple mosquito bites are nothing to be concerned with, a spider, tick, or unknown bite typically needs to be seen by a healthcare professional.


Just because you are busy in your clinic right now doesn’t mean you have the extra manpower. In fact, it is not uncommon to see only one or two staff members deal with all of these. This is made much more manageable with the help of software programs for appointment scheduling or third-party companies who help with insurance. Reach out to Aptus today to learn more about how we can help your rural healthcare clinic provide the services your community needs. You can email us at [email protected] or call us toll free at +1 888-760-2455.