Operating a rural clinic can pose many challenges, especially if there is only one doctor on staff. Adding another doctor can greatly improve the efficiency of the practice as the patient base continues to grow. Even if you don’t need another doctor on a full-time basis, having one available from a nearby community will help allow you to meet the needs of your patients.

Increased Patient Base

Rural doctor’s offices can see an increase in their patient base as the community grows. This may require you to look for additional help. You may also want to extend an offer to physicians in larger communities to come to your office a few times a month to provide your patients with an expanded level of care. This allows the physicians to expand their practice on a limited basis without affecting your patient base.

Additional Experience or Field of Practice

Bringing in another doctor on either a full- or part-time basis gives your patients an opportunity to be treated closer to home, especially if the physician in question has a specific area of practice. Pediatricians, podiatrists, cardiologists, and osteopaths or doctors who have work within multiple disciplines can bring an additional level of service to your practice.

More Flexible Hours

By adding another physician, you may be able to increase your clinic’s hours of availability. Being open later in the evening or for a few hours on a Saturday makes you available when your patients may need you the most. Even if the other physician only visits once or twice a month, it can give you the coverage you need to maintain longer hours that allow you to be available to your patients when they need you.

Depending on the size and growth of your clinic, you can decide whether to add another doctor on a full-time basis or just a few days out of the month. Either way, your patients will reap the reward and you will be able to maintain a more diverse practice that offers increased availability.