As the office manager or doctor in charge of making sure billing is taken care of, you’re sure to have a few questions for the provider doing the billing. But you might not even know you have questions or don’t exactly know what to ask when given the chance. We’ve compiled a list of things you should ask your billing provider so you know exactly what you’re getting.

“What do you provide?”

This is an obvious question. Find out what they do. Is there a limit to how many patients or how many bills they will collect? Are they going to handle all aspects of billing or expect you to handle a few things on your end? What programs do they use to make it easier on everyone? Is there a way to integrate your office system into theirs?

“What are your qualifications and certifications?”

You don’t want just anyone taking care of your patients’ billing. Ask to see certifications from everyone working with your office and double check that everything is in order. That same as you would check that a patient has the insurance they say they do, check to see that your billing provider is licensed.

“How will you help us?”

You know what they’ll do but is it worth it? A great billing provider is usually better than an in-house service but you’ll want to hear that from them. Know what they can do for you and how they make your job easier.

By asking the right questions and making sure your office and patients’ billing needs are taken care of, you can avoid all of the stress and worry that comes with in-house medical billing. Trust the experts with your billing and do what your office does best: treating patients.