It’s easy for your staff to get into a rut or for things to get extremely busy. You might miss out on some great opportunities to motivate and improve your staff’s performance. Taking a little time to really make your employees feel valued and important can not only improve morale and the office’s environment but performance and the overall success of the practice.

Cross-Train Your Staff

Many positions in the medical field turn out to be monotonous, in that they usually involve doing the same task over and over. Eventually, that sort of continuous work can really wear on a person. Training members of your staff to perform several different tasks in the office not only breaks up that monotony and boosts spirits but also can actually help your office in a pinch. Whether you’re short staffed or looking for a replacement, your staff will know what to do in any place you put them.

Praise And Correct

Like the old adage, praise publically and correct privately. Praise is a great way to show that you appreciate what your employees are doing and an appreciated staff is a productive staff. If you feel that something isn’t up to par or there’s something that needs to be addressed, take the employee aside to correct them. There’s nothing more devastating to an employee’s morale than a public display of chastising.

Take Time To Hire

You want to be sure that the person you’ll bring into the office is the right fit. Not only should they be qualified and willing, but they should be a team player and love the work. Don’t ignore those reference; follow up with previous employers to make sure you’re getting the best person for the job.

Conversely, don’t be afraid to fire. We know that it’s scary and could put you short staffed for a little while but a bad employee not only depreciates the value the rest of the employees bring but it definitely could turn the office into a hard environment to work in.

Bring the Front and Back Office Together

Usually, the two don’t mix. It’s not that there are any problems between them, but one is (literally) in the front of the office and the other is in the back. Your front office staff probably doesn’t get to interact with any of the doctors or many of the nurses so taking the time to visit them and praise them just as you would the back office staff is important. They might feel sort of left out from the rest of the group but taking the time to make them feel included could make a huge difference.

Your staff helps keep your practice running. Make sure they’re doing the best they can by motivating them. Just a little appreciation goes a long way. Do you have the best staff for your office?

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