The process of going to the doctor may seems like an easy task for the patient. Show up, get diagnosed, get medicine, and go home to feel better. This process looks a lot different for your health provider. Health care facilities are tasked with getting patient information, diagnoses, and billing your insurance provider. Any mistake within this process results in your facility losing funds. The billing process is vital for the continued existence and financial health of all medical facilities and the importance of having a skilled medical billing staff is sometimes overlooked. Here are some reasons why a skilled medical billing staff is of utmost importance to a medical facility.

Obtaining patients’ private information is important to ensure insurance providers pay for their clients’ visit. The first step is getting the correct information from the patient. The next step is making sure that it is entered into the system correctly. Information such as names, dates of birth, addresses, and insurance providers must be directly entered into the system without fault. Along with this information, CPT codes (treatments) and ICD codes (diagnoses) must also be entered into the system with their specific code. This string of numbers is how a medical facility receives payment from an insurance provider.

Once the basic information is collected, there’s a long list of tasks that are performed in order to contact and transfer billing over to the insurance agent. Without a knowledgeable person in the office, it can be easy to lose track and confuse the information, resulting in denied claims or misfiling.

After your patient’s claim has been paid by the insurance company, you must also enter the payment into the medical claim software. This makes sure that the patients’ account is current.

Keeping this information correct and current is how a medical facility can continue to operate. Practices whose patient information is not maintained can have trouble keeping up with the demand and without being paid timely, can actually go under. Instead of getting to this point, make sure to have your medical billing done by professionals, like Aptus Associates, LLC.