The healthcare community knows how beneficial having a [medical billing provider]( can be. Utilizing a service like this can save you both time and money. Time in the sense that doctors and office staff can focus more on the patients, not claims or bills. You save money when you use a medical billing provider because claims are processed correctly the first time.
The medical billing world is complex: the right patient information must be filed, the right [ICD-10 codes]( need to be used, and the medical billing provider needs to understand the requirements of the payer.
The aforementioned elements of a medical billing provider’s job all fit into what is called revenue cycle management. Revenue cycle management refers to the process in which a claim is resolved and you and your practice gets paid.
However, there is another crucial element besides time and money where provider’s like Aptus Associates, LLC can help rural health  practices. In the ever-changing world we live in, government mandates are passed, and updates to healthcare laws are made faster than ever. Even payers have specific laws they must abide by, which causes practices to have to work within payers guidelines as well.
When practices use a medical billing provider, these government regulated updates are automatically added into your claim and billing process. Medical billing providers are required to be compliant with your payer, as well as any additional regulations that have been passed. Unless your [office manager]( or another staff member is equipped to keep their finger on the ever-changing pulse of the healthcare world, this area of service is invaluable.
Wondering if your medical billing provider is keeping you up to date? There are a number of different associations you should look into if you are looking for a medical billing provider that can support all upcoming and current regulations. Aptus is a member of several associations like the National Association of Rural Health Clinics, Healthcare Business Management Association, and Radiology Business Management Association.
Medical billing providers should also have staff that monitor regulation changes. Aptus has Quality Assurance Specialists, who review payor bulletins and other correspondence for upcoming changes in regulations and procedures.
There is no doubt that using a provider for your billing needs can change the way you run your life, and your practice. The paperwork, detail, and understanding that must go behind filing your own claims, handling billing processes, and managing regulation updates. These are hours upon hours of you and your staff’s life and workday that Aptus as your medical billing provider can give back to you. Let us help.