This year’s flu season is a rough one. Colds and the flu are easily contracted in public places and this year’s traveling strand is making its way around. You’ve probably already seen countless victims of the virus this year, which means your office space has, too. To avoid well patients from contracting the disease, as well as you and your staff, your crew needs to take precautionary measures. Here are a few tips to keep your office flu and cold season safe.

Wash your hands

As a medical professional, you’ve already gotten this one down. You likely wash your hand many times a day already which is one of the main reasons you fall ill less than others subjected to airborne disease. Keep up this habit, and even amplify it, for the flu season.

Consider moisturizing too. All of that hand washing can wreak havoc on your (clean) skin.


For sanitary reasons, your office sanitizes most objects, including chairs, door knobs, and countertops. Again, this might be something you want to ramp up for the cold season. Use strong alcohol-based disinfectants like Clorox to kill all the germs that have made their way into your office.

Be sure to get places that you might overlook, like restroom faucets, stair railings, and clipboards/pens. Also, even though you are washing your hands after every patient, make sure you wipe down anything you’ve touched, like your phone, computer keyboard, and even chair arms.

Stay away if you develop symptoms

As a medical professional, you see plenty of sick people and even by following these tips, you might contract a cold or flu symptoms. If you or anyone on your staff presents signs of an illness, keep away from the office. Not only are you not up to par to care for patients, but you could infect the rest of the staff and well visitors.