Many times, the patients that come into your office need prescriptions. Is your medical office doing everything you can to have a good working relationship with the pharmacies nearby? In order to do so, consider the following:

Send Over Prescriptions Right Away

Whether the pharmacy is just as small as you are, or a large corporation connected to a store, they are busy. They need everything that comes into their pharmacy to be quickly sent it, so an angry sick person isn’t waiting at their counter for a prescription you haven’t sent over yet. Then, they would have to rush to fill the order- which sometimes isn’t possible. Doing this to them a few times is sure to put you on their “ do not work with” list. Instead, send over any and all information to them as soon as you can.

Double Check Your Work

Beyond just being fast, you need to send over all information correctly as well. Any misspellings in the patient’s name, a missing date, or incorrect insurance information can cause major delays or even overcharging their customer. Even scarier, if they miss the mistake too, this could lead to a very dangerous situation for the person taking the medicine. Take your time and double check everything before it’s sent over.

Outsource Your Medical Billing

The less you have to do yourself, the more you can focus and do your tasks well. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had fewer responsibilities every day, so you could make sure you improved pharmacy relations? If you opt to outsource your medical billing, everything coming out of your rural health clinic with be done correctly, with the right medical billing codes used, and get where it needs to go.

If you think this may be a good option for your office, contact Aptus Associates today. We offer aid in medical billing and other practice support services. By giving some of your daily responsibilities to our experts, you’ll have time to really focus on more important tasks- like getting your prescriptions sent out quickly and correctly.