Your clinic runs smoothly day-t0-day but there’s no telling what can happen when those doors open. You know to have a backup plan in case of a natural disaster or some type of medical emergency but what should you do if your patients are the issue? Here are a few tips to be able to handle those crises if and when they pop up.

Unruly Patient

Many of your patients will be ill, in pain, scared, frustrated, grumpy at missing work or having to see a doctor, and much more. These emotions are a lot to deal with, especially in an unfamiliar scenario or setting. However, it’s possible that things can go too far. A patient upset about wait time, procedures, payment, care, or any number of things could disrupt your whole day. There should be procedures in place to keep these guests calm as well as one for if they don’t calm down.

Severely Ill patient

Sometimes, patients may come in who really should have gone to an emergency clinic, or something occurs during treatment that necessitates emergency care. Although you can plan for every scenario that might pop up, you can be ready for many of them and have a plan to handle those that aren’t as common.

You may need a plan that quickly gets a patient to another healthcare facility like an emergency room or urgent care while still caring for them until an ambulance or transport vehicle can get to your office. This could include seizure, coding, or other life-threatening conditions so your clinic should be prepared with any tools or supplies to help keep a patient stable during this time.

Patient Guests

Many of your patients may bring family members or friends along with them. While this is usually fine, it becomes a problem when there are too many guests or if they become bored or disorderly. This is different than an unruly patient because you have the obligation to treat those looking for medical help, but a reckless guest of your patient is another issue altogether. You may need to ask the guest to leave the exam room or even the building if they exhibit too many characteristics that would be negative or counterintuitive to the healing process.

Either way, you certainly have a lot to do in your clinic. Billing your patient’ medical insurances companies shouldn’t add to the hassle. Contact us at Aptus Associates, LLC and let us help you serve your patients better.