Even if you were a top-notch student, your first year as a medical professional is a whole new thing. Being a good student does not always translate to excelling in the real world, especially in a rural environment which you may be unfamiliar with. In order to succeed, you need to know what to expect at your rural health clinic and take several things into consideration:

Be Flexible

Certain area of the country are more demanding than others. But your first year will likely be time-consuming regardless of where your health clinic is located. You may have to adjust your schedule and learn to work productively on little sleep or at odd hours of the day. It will also be helpful to learn to nap and eat at any time.

Focus on Work

You are in for a big change this year. Don’t compound the change by making additional big decisions like buying a house or having a baby. Your life will be hectic enough as you adjust without adding other major life changes! Once you figure out your work life, you can add in some other exciting life advances.

Develop Ways to Stay Organized

During your start at the clinic, you will see lots of patients and have many tasks to perform, like attending rounds, ordering and reviewing lab tests, and seeing patients. With all that you’ll be trying to keep straight, it is easy to get mixed up. That is why it is important to develop ways to stay organized and keep track of all you have to do. Technology is your friend, so download an app if you need to!

Be Prepared for Mistakes

The start of doing anything means you will make mistakes, and working in a health care clinic is no different. Medicine in the real world is not always like a textbook, and experience plays a huge role in becoming better at what you do. You can only get better with time, so learn what you can from your mistakes. Be honest, shake it off, and move forward.

Don’t just survive your first year; thrive! Contact Aptus today to find out more about how we can help you in your first year at your rural health clinic.