As children grow and build their immune systems, it’s likely for them to get sick. Contact with other kids and the outside world can take its toll on child manifesting in a few common illnesses. Knowing about those that tend to show up as a child ages can help a worried parent stay a little calmer. Here are a few that are worth noting.

Pink Eye

This highly contagious infection is seen in a lot of young children and usually results in redness, swelling, pus, and crust around the eyes. It may need antibiotics to treat or could go away on its own, depending on if it’s bacterial or viral. Either way, it’s encouraged to keep your child out of school or daycare so the infection isn’t spread among the kids.

Common Cold

They call it the common cold for a reason. This illness is passed around like no other, especially so with children because of their tendency to touch everything and put much of it into their mouths. The germs that cause a cold sit on the various toys, door knobs, walls, and more that your child will touch in a given day. However, it’s not entirely wise to go around with antibacterial wipes. Although you want to maintain an air of cleanliness, a few germs and a cold now and then is actually helping to boost and build your child’s immune system.


This is the time for allergies to emerge if you child has any. Some allergies can be hereditary but your child won’t necessarily have an allergy that you or your partner or another one of your children has, although it’s certainly something to monitor. You may wish to take your child for an allergy test to confirm or deny the effects that several common allergens may have.

Like we said, these are just a few to look out for. It’s always a great idea to take your child to the doctor when something is right, especially if you see signs of fever, dehydration, a change in diet, or anything else concerning.