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4 Resources You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Rural Health Clinic

Author: Aptus Associates August 26, 2020 In Rural Health Clinics
What does a rural healthcare clinic need- doctors? Nurses? Bandages? Yes, to all of those, but also a lot more. Your clinic does a lot more than just help sick people; you also deal with insurance, paperwork, bodily fluids, employee […]

4 Productivity Tips for Office Managers

Author: Aptus Associates August 26, 2020 In Rural Health Clinics
Are you busy? Too busy? Aren’t we all! For the office manager of a rural health clinic, every day seems like there just aren’t enough hours in it! In fact, you’re often asked to do more with less- less time, […]

4 Ways to Motivate Your Medical Staff

Author: Aptus Associates December 10, 2019 In Rural Health Clinics
Motivation is a powerful thing. The proverbial “carrot on the stick”, motivation is what allowed humankind to overcome its primitive origins and create the modern-day conveniences that have become a core part of today’s culture. Like health clinics! Gone are […]

3 Essential Skills For Any Rural Health Doctor

Author: Aptus Associates December 5, 2019 In Rural Health Clinics
A rural health clinic’s doctor has one of the most important jobs in the surrounding areas. They have been tasked with the care of the countryside’s citizens, who may not have access to another physician. It is imperative that they […]

Three Major Job Positions For Your Rural Health Clinic

Author: Aptus Associates December 25, 2018 In Doctors/Employees, Rural Health Clinics
Every employee in your clinic brings something valuable to the table, but not every job position is vital to running a clinic. Janitors, for example, while important for the sanitation and aesthetic maintenance they provide, aren’t the first thing you […]

Should You Bring Another Doctor into Your Rural Clinic?

Author: Aptus Associates December 15, 2018 In Doctors/Employees, Rural Health Clinics
Operating a rural clinic can pose many challenges, especially if there is only one doctor on staff. Adding another doctor can greatly improve the efficiency of the practice as the patient base continues to grow. Even if you don’t need […]

Can Your Rural Doctor’s Office Operate Well Under High-Traffic?

Author: Aptus Associates December 5, 2018 In Rural Health Clinics
A rural doctor’s office can handle almost any volume of traffic if it is managed properly. With the right office manager and computer software, scheduling appointments will be quick and easy. In addition to having experienced office staff and the […]

Rural Doctor’s Offices – What You Need to Do to Make Yours a Success

Author: Aptus Associates November 5, 2018 In Rural Health Clinics
Marketing and Word-of-Mouth In order to be a successful rural doctor, it is imperative that you understand the nature of your demographic. City offices and other high-population centers’ offices focus on a high-traffic business model. They receive many different patients, […]

5 Easy to Implement Medical Billing Tips for a Rural Doctor’s Office

Author: Aptus Associates October 17, 2018 In Medical Billing, Rural Health Clinics
Billing practices affect more than just your medical practice’s revenue cycles. As a rural doctor, you no doubt enjoy a close relationship with the community you serve, especially if it’s a small, close-knit community. Poor medical billing practices can lead […]

How to Start a Rural Health Clinic Office

Author: Aptus Associates August 2, 2018 In Rural Health Clinics
Our nation’s rural areas sadly lack in healthcare facilities. Today’s residents of these towns and counties suffer needlessly from ailments that a routine checkup or quick trip to the doctor could solve for them, but they simply don’t have the […]
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