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How Your Medical Billing Provider Handles Government Updates

Author: Aptus Associates December 29, 2016 In Medical Billing
The healthcare community knows how beneficial having a [medical billing provider]( can be. Utilizing a service like this can save you both time and money. Time in the sense that doctors and office staff can focus more on the patients, not claims […]

Medical Billing: Saving You Time and Money

Author: Aptus Associates December 27, 2016 In Medical Billing
Hiring a medical billing service may seem to be pointless, wasting time and money, but in reality, it provides doctors and their staff more free time to continue to serve more patients. Billing services take on most of the dirty […]

What is CPT Coding?

Author: Aptus Associates December 21, 2016 In Medical Billing
As a CPT medical billing specialist, you are responsible for transcribing and interpreting medical information for multiple reasons including filing insurance claims and monitoring patient care. To become a CPT coder, you will need to be certified in medical billing while […]

Preventing Insurance Claim Denials

Author: Aptus Associates November 30, 2016 In Insurance, Medical Billing
Medical billers and office managers face the possibilities of denials from insurance companies on a regular basis. Denials can affect revenue and cash flow along with how efficient the organization is operated. An average of 5 to 10 percent of all medical practices deal with […]

Questions to Ask Your Billing Provider

Author: Aptus Associates October 31, 2016 In Medical Billing
As the office manager or doctor in charge of making sure billing is taken care of, you’re sure to have a few questions for the provider doing the billing. But you might not even know you have questions or don’t […]
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