Category: Medical Billing

Two Core Parts of Medical Billing

Author: Aptus Associates December 15, 2019 In Medical Billing
To the untrained eye, a routine medical check-up is a simple process: a patient walks through the front door, they’re greeted by the receptionist, they’re told where to sit and for how long, they meet with their physician, they pay, […]

Benefits of Contracting a Professional Billing Company

Author: Aptus Associates October 10, 2019 In Medical Billing
The world of modern-day business is one of constant improvement. Technological advancement. Worker efficiency. Specialization. If your business isn’t with the times, it’s surely quick to to fall behind. One such trick of the modern-day institutions is the outsourcing of […]

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Billing

Author: Aptus Associates September 6, 2019 In Medical Billing
Your rural health clinic is, at its core, a small business. Just like the other small businesses in your town, you need to make sure you don’t stretch yourself too far and that often entails outsourcing some tasks. While a […]

Benefits of Professional Billing Services

Author: Aptus Associates August 22, 2019 In Medical Billing
If you’ve never used a professional billing service before, you may be curious about it. It can be time-consuming and tedious to process all of your own billing information, so many companies choose to employ a billing service to streamline things. However, […]

How We Prevent Billing Mistakes

Author: Aptus Associates July 28, 2019 In Medical Billing
The medical field is a very precise profession. Mistakes are definitely frowned upon when it comes to medicine and the same is true even for medical billing. Any errors can be costly, for everyone involved. But as humans, mistakes are inevitable. So how […]

Finding the Right Medical Billing Service

Author: Aptus Associates July 7, 2019 In Medical Billing
The services of a medical billing provider can be a big investment for your practice, so it’s quite important to find the one that’s right for you. When you’re shopping around, there are a few things you should look for, […]

Costly Errors in Medical Billing

Author: Aptus Associates July 6, 2019 In Medical Billing
Medical billing is a delicate business. For a physician’s office, medical billing codes are often confusing, and even downright disorienting. If you enter the wrong code, it could be rejected, and your office will not get paid for that particular visit. […]

Pain Points for In-house Medical Billing

Author: Aptus Associates June 13, 2019 In Medical Billing
If you’re running a medical practice, there are a variety of things you need to consider, ranging from hiring the right staff to insurance to furnishing the place. Once you’ve settled on the waiting room chairs and your nurses, it’s […]

Outsourcing Billing

Author: Aptus Associates June 11, 2019 In Medical Billing
Whether your medical practice is a large or small one, you can benefit from outsourcing your billing to a dedicated billing company. There are often high numbers of patients visiting a single doctor at any given time, and with high claim rejection […]

What to Expect When Using a Medical Billing Company

Author: Aptus Associates May 25, 2019 In Medical Billing
Many small practices avoid outsourcing their billing to a company because they don’t know how useful it can be. If you’ve never used a company or known anyone who has, you might wonder whether the value is worth the cost. We believe […]
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