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How Can Your Radiology Practice Benefit from Outsourced Medical Billing?

Author: Aptus Associates June 22, 2020 In Medical Billing
Radiology medical billing and coding companies help these specialists, not only survive but succeed in the always evolving and ever-changing billing landscape. Medical billing companies provide invaluable support to help providers understand the changes and streamline the billing cycle which […]

Why Choose Aptus as Your Medical Billing Company?

Author: Aptus Associates June 8, 2020 In Medical Billing
Medical billing companies play a vital role in the health industry for medical professionals and patients. Many have no idea what the medical billing industry does or why they are important. Let us take a look at what Aptus Associates […]

Why Does Your Radiology Practice Need a Medical Billing Company?

Author: Aptus Associates May 25, 2020 In Medical Billing
Managing radiology medical billing can be quite stressful and time consuming. It is essential for any radiology report to support proper code assignment for optimal reimbursement. Such reports should include details such as patient name, referring physician, date and time […]

Why You Should Outsource Your Medical Billing Needs

Author: Aptus Associates May 12, 2020 In Medical Billing
As an independent medical practitioner with an in-house billing team, you’ve likely dealt with various complications throughout the billing process. The process is a direct link to your finances and makes dealing with these issues even more pressing. Outsourcing your […]

Why the Best Radiologists Use Medical Billing Services

Author: Aptus Associates April 25, 2020 In Medical Billing
The medical billing process has evolved from a relatively simple back-office administrative duty to a sophisticated matrix. It has morphed into a system and workflow that requires subject matter experts in CPT coding, technology, claim filing, edits, managing denied claims, […]

A Few of the Most Common Errors in Radiology Billing

Author: Aptus Associates April 2, 2020 In Medical Billing
Everyone knows that billing and coding are challenging tasks due to the complexity of regulations and rules, plus the numerous staff and departments involved. This means that mistakes can occur at any point throughout “front-end” and “back-end” processes, and these […]

You Don’t Need X-Ray Vision to See How Valuable Medical Billing Services Are

Author: Aptus Associates February 19, 2020 In Medical Billing
In this day and age, technology is the driving force for the medical field. Jobs are created and made obsolete with the advent of technological advances. What was hard fifty years ago is made easy, and vice versa. Unfortunately, with […]

Why the Best Radiologists Use Medical Billing Services

Author: Aptus Associates February 5, 2020 In Medical Billing
The best radiology departments concern themselves with one thing and one thing only: radiology. (And how it can help their patients!) When people think of radiologists, they picture a handsomely dressed technician at the controls of a complicated piece of […]

Why Do Radiology Departments Use Billing Companies?

Author: Aptus Associates January 8, 2020 In Medical Billing
You don’t need an X-ray to see how important radiology is to the medical field, and to the populace at large. Without radiology, we wouldn’t know the extent of the damage for broken bones, skeletal anomalies, or have as many […]

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Medical Billing

Author: Aptus Associates December 20, 2019 In Medical Billing
The process of medical billing can be likened to a well-oiled machine, with its many cogs meshing together for the purpose of something greater. In this instance, the ‘something greater’ is the functioning existence of healthcare itself. In today’s world […]
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