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Why Health Insurance is Important

Author: Aptus Associates May 26, 2019 In Insurance
Healthcare in the city is the same as in the country, right? Well, not really. You see, doctors in rural health clinics face a lot of hurdles that their city counterparts don’t. And while it is important to have health insurance in […]

Open Enrollment and Guidelines: How They may Affect Your Insurance Coverage

Author: Aptus Associates July 13, 2018 In Doctor/Patient, Insurance
Understanding insurance is very important for a medical professional. After all, most of your patients can only afford to see you and receive your care if insurance is covering it. They may ask your insurance questions, even though it isn’t […]

Helping Your Patients Understand and Renew Their Insurance

Author: Aptus Associates January 8, 2018 In Insurance
For many Americans, especially those who go through the Affordable Care Act for their insurance, December and January is a time to renew their medical insurance. Your rural health clinic and hospital, no doubt, has many patients who are on these […]

The Difference Between Billing With and Without Insurance

Author: Aptus Associates January 5, 2018 In Insurance
Medical clinic and hospitals like yours have a duty to provide their services to sick people, regardless of whether they have insurance or not. Although you’ll surely take their information, billing won’t come until the treatment is complete and the […]

Organizing Patient Documents

Author: Aptus Associates June 30, 2017 In Doctors/Employees, Insurance, Medical Billing
One of the common struggles for any service who deals with the health and wellbeing of patients is the organization of pre-care forms. Before a patient can be seen by your healthcare clinic, he or she is aware they will be required […]

What is Data Scrubbing?

Author: Aptus Associates January 27, 2017 In Insurance
Medical billing is a complicated process. It involves information going from the patient, the doctor, and the insurance company covering costs. Data scrubbing is used primarily to ensure the format of the bill is understood by the insurance company. Coding […]

Preventing Insurance Claim Denials

Author: Aptus Associates November 30, 2016 In Insurance, Medical Billing
Medical billers and office managers face the possibilities of denials from insurance companies on a regular basis. Denials can affect revenue and cash flow along with how efficient the organization is operated. An average of 5 to 10 percent of all medical practices deal with […]
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