Category: Hospice

Before Hospice

Author: Aptus Associates November 10, 2019 In Hospice
It’s hard to let go of a patient. In the same way that families struggle to admit their loved one is dying, physicians often struggle with releasing a terminally ill patient into a palliative care or hospice provider. Physicians are […]

Palliative Care

Author: Aptus Associates October 15, 2019 In Chronic Illness, Hospice
Palliative care is the treatment during a serious illness where there is specialized medical care for the individual. It is usually the step of treatment before hospice and is a way to improve the quality of life for both the patient and […]

Hospice Vs Palliative Care

Author: Aptus Associates September 12, 2019 In Chronic Illness, Hospice
We’ve told you about hospice and we’ve filled you in on palliative care but now we want to look at the specific differences in the two to help you better understand their roles in healthcare. One of the main differences is that hospice is […]
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