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HIPAA Compliance

Author: Aptus Associates November 30, 2019 In Doctor/Patient, HIPAA
HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a serious issue in the medical field. There are many rules and regulations that dictate what information can be shared for the security and safety of the patient and their information. […]

Conducting an Internal HIPAA Audit

Author: Aptus Associates August 24, 2019 In HIPAA
We’ve talked about what to do when you’re being audited by HIPAA but it’s always good practice to conduct your own internal HIPAA audit every so often to make sure you’re on the right track. Take some time every once in a […]

Avoiding HIPAA Violations: Medical Billing

Author: Aptus Associates August 8, 2019 In HIPAA
HIPAA laws exist to protect the privacy of anyone receiving any kind of medical care or assistance. These laws are strict (with good reason!), and if all members of your practice are unaware of their restrictions, it can result in […]

Improving Your Data Security

Author: Aptus Associates July 30, 2019 In Doctors/Employees, HIPAA
We all know about HIPAA laws. Your patients expect their personal data and medical history to be secure in your office and you as a doctor should take that oath seriously for your office. Larger offices typically have a designated compliance […]

Preparing for a HIPAA Audit

Author: Aptus Associates June 23, 2019 In HIPAA
A HIPAA audit can happen at any time, and catch the physician’s office unaware. You must follow proper protocol at all times, and be prepared for an Office for Civil Rights audit for this reason. The chances of your clinic being audited […]
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