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10 Ways to Succeed in a Rural Practice

Author: Aptus Associates November 5, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
Physicians choosing to practice medicine in our country’s rural communities can still enjoy the benefits of owning a practice just like anywhere else. We’ve selected a few ways to optimize the community rural practice to help physicians gain an understanding […]

Qualities For Your Office Manager To Have

Author: Aptus Associates October 25, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
If you’re looking to hire an office manager for your practice, or wondering if you’ve got the right one, it can be hard to tell. You want someone organized enough to oversee your staff and daily operations while still being […]

Medical Billing: A look at the job

Author: Aptus Associates October 8, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
You knew going into the medical field would have you treating patients, making lives better. But that’s not all of your job description, at least if you’re running a practice. There’s plenty of paperwork involved in running a successful practice […]

Nurse Practitioners VS. Physician Assistants

Author: Aptus Associates September 17, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
Alright, we’re not actually looking to pit nurse practitioners and physician assistants against each other. We just want to show you how the two differ in the world of medicine more so than if one or the other is better. Let’s take […]

Tips for Opening up a Rural Health Practice

Author: Aptus Associates August 3, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
Although many physicians decide to build their careers working in big city hospitals, some will choose to work in small towns, or just want to stay in their rural hometowns. Serving a smaller community with a rural health practice can be an […]

Improving Your Data Security

Author: Aptus Associates July 30, 2019 In Doctors/Employees, HIPAA
We all know about HIPAA laws. Your patients expect their personal data and medical history to be secure in your office and you as a doctor should take that oath seriously for your office. Larger offices typically have a designated compliance […]

Hiring Well in Your Medical Practice

Author: Aptus Associates July 11, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
It can be daunting to look into hiring. You’re a busy office and taking time out to interview and find the right candidate, let alone train them to your office strategies when you’ve decided on one, can seem like a task you […]

Motivating Your Medical Staff

Author: Aptus Associates June 9, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
It’s easy for your staff to get into a rut or for things to get extremely busy. You might miss out on some great opportunities to motivate and improve your staff’s performance. Taking a little time to really make your employees feel […]

Integrating a New Physician Into Your Practice

Author: Aptus Associates June 2, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
If you’re at the point in your business that bringing in another physician is for you, it might seem a little daunting to start off with. Taking into account everything that needs to be integrated, you might just want to run away […]

What Do Medical Professionals Wear?

Author: Aptus Associates May 23, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
When you go into a medical office, you’re likely to see everyone in different attire. Some wear scrubs, some wear business casual, some put on something a little dressier. If you’re just going into the field and you haven’t been given […]
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