Category: Chronic Illness

Why It’s the Right Thing to see a Radiologist

Author: Aptus Associates January 3, 2020 In Chronic Illness
Life is full of uncertainties. This unfortunate truth is an uncomfortable one for many people, who understandably want a better idea with what’s going on with their bodies. What you don’t know can hurt you, after all. Many people have […]

Coping With a Terminal Illness

Author: Aptus Associates November 20, 2019 In Chronic Illness
Informing a patient of a terminal illness is a responsibility, an important part of a doctor’s service to his patient. A doctor may not be able to predict when a patient is going to die but when the illness is […]

Coping with a Chronic Illness

Author: Aptus Associates November 11, 2019 In Chronic Illness
One of the challenges of coping with an illness is that your patient will not only experience the symptoms associated with the illness, but will also experience the symptoms associated with depression, stress, or simply learning to adjust their lifestyle to the […]

Palliative Care

Author: Aptus Associates October 15, 2019 In Chronic Illness, Hospice
Palliative care is the treatment during a serious illness where there is specialized medical care for the individual. It is usually the step of treatment before hospice and is a way to improve the quality of life for both the patient and […]

Hospice Vs Palliative Care

Author: Aptus Associates September 12, 2019 In Chronic Illness, Hospice
We’ve told you about hospice and we’ve filled you in on palliative care but now we want to look at the specific differences in the two to help you better understand their roles in healthcare. One of the main differences is that hospice is […]

Benefits of a Regular Checkup

Author: Aptus Associates August 17, 2019 In Chronic Illness, Doctor/Patient
One of the best ways to find out about your overall health is to get an annual or even quarterly checkup. Having a regular checkup is important to maintain your health especially as you get older. It’s vital to keep up with […]

Common Illnesses Children Get

Author: Aptus Associates March 13, 2019 In Chronic Illness
As children grow and build their immune systems, it’s likely for them to get sick. Contact with other kids and the outside world can take its toll on child manifesting in a few common illnesses. Knowing about those that tend […]

General Practitioners vs Specialists

Author: Aptus Associates February 16, 2019 In Chronic Illness, Doctor/Patient
Different diseases and conditions require the expertise of different doctors. However, most Americans only have a relationship with a single doctor, usually a general practitioner. If general practitioners can handle the majority of needs, what role do specialists play? And how should […]

When to Transfer Your Patient to Hospice

Author: Aptus Associates April 2, 2018 In Chronic Illness, Doctor/Patient
“Hospice care” refers to end-of-life care. The purpose of this care is to maximize the quality of life for a person that is in the last phases of a disease that cannot be cured. Typically, hospice care starts as soon […]

Vaccine Placement Guide

Author: Aptus Associates November 26, 2016 In Chronic Illness
As healthcare professionals, it’s important to keep up with the new trends as well as understand why you do certain procedures. With much talk about vaccines in the past few years, we were curious about the placement of vaccine injections and […]
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