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Before Hospice

Author: Aptus Associates November 10, 2019 In Hospice
It’s hard to let go of a patient. In the same way that families struggle to admit their loved one is dying, physicians often struggle with releasing a terminally ill patient into a palliative care or hospice provider. Physicians are […]

10 Ways to Succeed in a Rural Practice

Author: Aptus Associates November 5, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
Physicians choosing to practice medicine in our country’s rural communities can still enjoy the benefits of owning a practice just like anywhere else. We’ve selected a few ways to optimize the community rural practice to help physicians gain an understanding […]

Qualities For Your Office Manager To Have

Author: Aptus Associates October 25, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
If you’re looking to hire an office manager for your practice, or wondering if you’ve got the right one, it can be hard to tell. You want someone organized enough to oversee your staff and daily operations while still being […]

Palliative Care

Author: Aptus Associates October 15, 2019 In Chronic Illness, Hospice
Palliative care is the treatment during a serious illness where there is specialized medical care for the individual. It is usually the step of treatment before hospice and is a way to improve the quality of life for both the patient and […]

Benefits of Contracting a Professional Billing Company

Author: Aptus Associates October 10, 2019 In Medical Billing
The world of modern-day business is one of constant improvement. Technological advancement. Worker efficiency. Specialization. If your business isn’t with the times, it’s surely quick to to fall behind. One such trick of the modern-day institutions is the outsourcing of […]

Medical Billing: A look at the job

Author: Aptus Associates October 8, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
You knew going into the medical field would have you treating patients, making lives better. But that’s not all of your job description, at least if you’re running a practice. There’s plenty of paperwork involved in running a successful practice […]

Maintaining A Doctor/Patient Relationship

Author: Aptus Associates October 1, 2019 In Doctor/Patient
The Doctor/Patient relationship is the foundation of ethics in the medical field with focuses on trust, privacy, respect, and professionalism. This is not only to preserve the feeling of safety a patient has with his or her doctor but is […]

Succeeding in a Rural Practice

Author: Aptus Associates September 30, 2019 In Doctor/Patient
A rural practice may seem daunting to you as a new physician or someone going out on their own. Because rural practices serve a wider demographic, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your rural […]

Referring To a Specialist

Author: Aptus Associates September 26, 2019 In Doctor/Patient
If you’re a primary care doctor, there are some things that you just can’t handle. Or at least would rather you patient be seen by someone who has more experience in the problem area. That’s where specialists come in. And it’s […]

Nurse Practitioners VS. Physician Assistants

Author: Aptus Associates September 17, 2019 In Doctors/Employees
Alright, we’re not actually looking to pit nurse practitioners and physician assistants against each other. We just want to show you how the two differ in the world of medicine more so than if one or the other is better. Let’s take […]
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