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Why Do Radiology Departments Use Billing Companies?

Author: Aptus Associates January 8, 2020 In Medical Billing
You don’t need an X-ray to see how important radiology is to the medical field, and to the populace at large. Without radiology, we wouldn’t know the extent of the damage for broken bones, skeletal anomalies, or have as many […]

Why It’s the Right Thing to see a Radiologist

Author: Aptus Associates January 3, 2020 In Chronic Illness
Life is full of uncertainties. This unfortunate truth is an uncomfortable one for many people, who understandably want a better idea with what’s going on with their bodies. What you don’t know can hurt you, after all. Many people have […]

Maintaining Stability With a Medical Disorder

Author: Aptus Associates December 25, 2019 In Doctor/Patient
Chronic illness takes a heavy toll upon the lives of your patients. As a healthcare provider, your clinic bears the significant responsibility of easing your patients struggle as best you can. Even if an illness isn’t permanent, managing day-to-day activities […]

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Medical Billing

Author: Aptus Associates December 20, 2019 In Medical Billing
The process of medical billing can be likened to a well-oiled machine, with its many cogs meshing together for the purpose of something greater. In this instance, the ‘something greater’ is the functioning existence of healthcare itself. In today’s world […]

Two Core Parts of Medical Billing

Author: Aptus Associates December 15, 2019 In Medical Billing
To the untrained eye, a routine medical check-up is a simple process: a patient walks through the front door, they’re greeted by the receptionist, they’re told where to sit and for how long, they meet with their physician, they pay, […]

4 Ways to Motivate Your Medical Staff

Author: Aptus Associates December 10, 2019 In Rural Health Clinics
Motivation is a powerful thing. The proverbial “carrot on the stick”, motivation is what allowed humankind to overcome its primitive origins and create the modern-day conveniences that have become a core part of today’s culture. Like health clinics! Gone are […]

3 Essential Skills For Any Rural Health Doctor

Author: Aptus Associates December 5, 2019 In Rural Health Clinics
A rural health clinic’s doctor has one of the most important jobs in the surrounding areas. They have been tasked with the care of the countryside’s citizens, who may not have access to another physician. It is imperative that they […]

HIPAA Compliance

Author: Aptus Associates November 30, 2019 In Doctor/Patient, HIPAA
HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a serious issue in the medical field. There are many rules and regulations that dictate what information can be shared for the security and safety of the patient and their information. […]

Coping With a Terminal Illness

Author: Aptus Associates November 20, 2019 In Chronic Illness
Informing a patient of a terminal illness is a responsibility, an important part of a doctor’s service to his patient. A doctor may not be able to predict when a patient is going to die but when the illness is […]

Coping with a Chronic Illness

Author: Aptus Associates November 11, 2019 In Chronic Illness
One of the challenges of coping with an illness is that your patient will not only experience the symptoms associated with the illness, but will also experience the symptoms associated with depression, stress, or simply learning to adjust their lifestyle to the […]
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