Rural medical clinics see a lot of different patients for many different reasons throughout the day. As a medical professional at one of these establishments, there is never a dull moment and never a day that is just like the last! Some of the most common reasons to visit a rural health clinic include:

Sports Physical. To play in local league sports, children must first have a physical and provide the documentation to the board or president of the league. This is both to protect the child from an injury and the league itself from any lawsuits or damages. These typically are a quick appointment and the family can be on their way with their physical form in a matter of minutes.

Routine Checkups. Visiting the doctor on a regular basis is a staple of a healthy lifestyle. These routine visits will hopefully go very easily, but if a patient has an underlying issue that they are not aware of, this is the time to catch it. If a patient waits for when their symptoms are bad and it turns into an emergency visit, their prognosis could be much worse.

Non-emergency Sickness. While some people make an appointment ahead of time, others need to be seen right away. It could be because their regular physician cannot fit them in today or because they don’t have one. They possibly don’t have medical insurance either. For these patients, you can handle their non-emergency illnesses and injuries, as well as provide some lab tests and health screenings. Non-emergency illnesses include a sore throat, allergic reactions, upset stomach, pink eye, urinary tract infections, ear aches, flu symptoms, sprains, bruising, animal bites, and minor burns. If the injury or disease is too serious, they will need to be sent to a partnering hospital’s emergency room.

Immunizations. Thankfully, a huge majority of American children are now immunized against diseases like Polio and Mumps. What was once a deadly fear for families is now wiped out by a visit to your clinic! While these shots may be included in a routine checkup, families who have gotten behind may come in just for the immunization to be able to attend school. Of course, some adults need immunizations too. Your clinic should offer vaccinations, such as flu or tetanus shots, for these patients too.

This is a lot to deal with in just one day! One thing you don’t need to handle on your own is your office support services. These include medical billing, insurance claims, budget management, and much more. Contact Aptus today at 1 888-760-2455 to learn more about how we can be brought in to help.