Medical coding and billing are two professions that are extremely important in the medical field. Understanding the importance of each profession will give you an idea of what each job is responsible for and how they work together to keep the financial aspect of healthcare moving smoothly.


Coding and Billing Aren’t the Same

It’s important to remember that coding and billing are not one and the same. Medical coding is the process of applying codes to each procedure or service offered by the medical and healthcare professions. The coding system is extensive, covering every aspect of care. Medical billing is the process of using medical codes to bill patients for the procedures and services they receive. To create an accurate invoice, many different codes may be used to create an accurate statement of services.


All Healthcare Environments Use Medical Billing Specialists

Every health and medical field uses billing specialists. These specialists have received ample training in how to use medical codes to create accurate and concise invoices for any procedures and services a patient has received. Medical billing specialists must learn how to interpret the medical codes and apply them so that insurance companies are able to identify what services the patient received.


Medical Billing Specialists Are Problem Solvers

Medical billing specialists are problem solvers. There are times when they must research through a large number of codes before finding the right one, or the right combination of codes to accurately describe the services provided. Through extensive research and the application of the codes makes it easier to categorize each type of procedure and service within the health and medical industry. This, in turn, makes the billing process much easier.