When hiring for a medical practice, professional qualifications, experience and background are, of course, some of the most important factors to consider. Based on this criteria, you can narrow down your choices to a select few.

As a physician practicing in a rural area, you may have to dig in a little deeper to find the right candidate to join the team at your practice. It’s not enough that the candidate looks good on paper. Here is a look at two elements that are often overlooked, but which should be a part of your considerations during any staffing exercise for your practice.

Experienced in Many Areas

Experience is a crucial factor to consider when choosing medical personnel. In the rural setting, there aren’t too many specialists that you can readily refer your patients to. As a matter of fact, medical practices in rural areas are general practices and handle all kinds of medical cases.

When looking to add to your team, pick a candidate who has a history in handling different kinds of cases right – from doing an accurate diagnosis, to administering the right treatment course. You will have different people walk into your practice with different medical needs and you need a team that can handle all of these cases. The ideal candidate should be well-versed in the management of emergencies because the referral may not always be an option.

Consider Personality

Even with stellar qualifications and years of experience, you may find that a candidate who ticks on all these boxes isn’t the right fit for your practice because of certain personality traits. Like a doctor’s office in a rural area, yours may not be a big practice, and it will require a lot of team effort and cohesiveness to keep the practice running. A candidate who cannot appreciate this and is not a team player may not be a good fit.

Some of your patients may also need you to explain a diagnosis or a recommended treatment course in the most basic of terms. This requires a lot of patience that can only come from having a warm and kind personality. The candidate you hire should be able to communicate with the patients without using too much medical jargon and be attentive and patient enough to answer all questions that the patients may have.

Again, a majority of the patients that come into your rural doctor’s office are simple and friendly folk who will enjoy a pleasant exchange with their doctor. It takes a certain personality to engage with patients on that level.

Whether you are looking to hire a medical assistant or a doctor, considering the highlighted factors will help you to find a candidate that will not only get the job done but one who will be a right fit for a rural health facility.