Revenue Cycle Management

Aptus offers a complete Billing and Accounts Receivable Management package for its customers.

Practice Support

Aptus offers Practice Support Services to add value to our relationship with our Clients.

Software Solutions

Aptus offers many software solutions for your Practice.
Proud Member of the National Association

150+ years of experience

The top six senior managers of Aptus Associates, L.L.C. have a cumulative 150+ years of medical billing and practice management experience. Our operations team includes Certified Professional Coders, seasoned billing coordinators, experienced follow up/appeal personnal, and accountants.

What does 'Aptus' mean?

“Aptus” is a Latin word meaning appropriate, or fitting. Since our inception, our key focus has been to provide our clients with services that are appropriate to their needs and fit securely into their processes to enhance their Practice’s success.

Partners in Compliance

Compliance is of utmost importance in the medical industry. We take pride in adhering to the laws and regulations required of us. We partner with our clients to become a COMPLIANCE TEAM.

Primary Care & Specialty Practices

Whether hospital-based or independent, our physician billing team has the experience to effectively bill and manage your billing processes. In addition to primary care, our team serves multiple specialty practices.

Rural Health Clinics

Experienced Part A billing staff and management who know the RHC billing regulatory requirements and have the big picture of the RHC in mind.

Radiology Pro Fee

We provide the services to fill the unique needs of the professional radiology practice. Our goal is to work as part of your practice to enhance not only your cash flow but your entire practice.

Hospital Pro Fee

Serving hospitals with their pro-fee billing needs. Working to cover the needs of an area which may not be the focus of the hospital’s business office.

Palliative Care

Assisting hospices with their mission to provide palliative care services by providing the billing component of the process.

Meet the Aptus Team

Keith Carter

President/CEO/Compliance Officer

Beth C. Wilson

Vice President / Operations Manager Radiology Accounts

Beverly W. Roach

Director of Operations

Scott Wilson

Operations Manager, Radiology Billing Coordination

The Aptus Mission Statement

The purpose of Aptus Associates, L.L.C. is to provide high quality medical billing and practice support services in a respectful, patient-friendly, and client-friendly environment. Through a commitment to teamwork,we will create a positive working environment that encourages employee involvement, communication, and pride in professional performance. Our determination to achieve success will be governed by a devotion to the principles of honesty, integrity, and quality while returning a measurable benefit to our clients, employees and owners.
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